“Closer managing of a prescription drug plan can help control the high cost of most prescription drug programs.”

Controlling costs in obtaining prescription drugs is essential to all drug plans and will continue to be a focus now and in the future. Managing the formularies is a key concept to help you keep your prescription and mail order costs down.

Our “hands-on” approach to help you manage your prescription benefit program is one of the valuable services we provide.

Here is a proven fact:

“95% of drug plan costs are determined by the drugs used by the plan”.

Our goal is to help employees reduce drug costs by:

  • Identifying generic alternatives for the more costly formularies.
  • Maximizing over-the-counter medications as an appropriate alternative.
  • Employee Involvement, employees have twenty-four/seven online access, they can look up their current medications to see if there are generic alternatives available.
  • Providing assistance to employees and help choose brand and generic alternatives to the more costly formularies.
  • Utilizing skilled benefits managers who are available for consultation, can help monitor and offer assistance to employees to find alternative solutions for the more costly drugs.

We can help your employees and you control the prescription costs by encouraging your doctors and pharmacist to prescribe medications from the formulary.

M S Administrative is one of the few TPA’s to offer this direct involvement to help manage your prescription drug costs.